Slideshows of the I European Conference on Sustainable Mobility at Universities

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Day 1 - 8th March

8.03.17_conference_BCN_17Alfonso Sanz // Economy, Ecology and Mobility. Transport to University from a different view

Maria Eugenia López // University, Governance and mobility management 

Cecilia Elizabeth Bayas and Leyla Angélica Sandoval // Spanish Universities Social Councils’ perceptions on sustainability and mobility

Fernando Casani // Debate: governance and management in different countries

Rafael Requena // Networking in Spain in Mobility management. CRUE Sostenibilidad

Stefania Angelelli // Italian universities: coordination activity and objectives

8.03.17_conference_BCN_7Isabel Domínguez // U-MOB European Network for Sustainable Mobility at University

Ineke Spapé // NHTV's new campus: this is not about mobility nor parking!

Ricardo Marqués // The importance of bicycle and the university role: theoretical approach

Carlos García de la Vega // Integral bicycle service at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid CIBIUAM

Maribel Arcos // Integral bicycle service at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona BICIUAB

Antonio Gomera // Bike sharing as a catalyst for mobility patterns change at Universidad de Córdoba

Evelien Marlier // Co-creation cycle campaign

Gregorio Magno Toral // Ciclogreen: get rewards for cycling at the university

9.03.17_conference_BCN_1Day 2 - 9th March

Renée Fortier // Changing the mobility paradigm at Californian universities

Mario Andrés Hernández // Implementation of mobility systems at universities and cities of Colombia

Eva Campos Díaz and María Teresa Tormo Lancero // Development of sustainable urban mobility plans in University Campuses in MED countries

Jesús Avilla Hernández // Mobility management at Spanish universities - CRUE SOSTENIBILIDAD

Maria Rosa Ronzoni // Best practices on sustainable mobility in Italian universities

Mateo Colleoni // Best practices of Mobility Management in Italian Universities - The survey on mobility practices

Leticia Chico Santamarta // Mobility management from a holistic view at Universidad de Valladolid

9.03.17_conference_BCN_12Katarzyna Nosal // An integrated mobility plan for the Cracow University of Technology 

Maria Rosa Ronzoni // Mobility management at Università degli Studi di Bergamo

Hilmar Westholm // Development of a mobility strategy and CO2 compensation at the University of Hamburg

Giuliano Mingardo // Parking Management Explained: a theoretical framework 

Günter Getzinger // Parking Management as Part of Sustainable Mobility Management at Universities. The Case of Austria

Giuliano Mingardo // The role of parking in campus mobility management: the case of the Erasmus University Rotterdam

9.03.17_conference_BCN_8Scott Copsey // Transport Planner & Coordinator. Hertfordshire University

Pep Lluis de la Rosa // Innovative Ridesharing through Social Currencies. Fes e-dit

Day 3 - 10th March

Marc Vallribera Ros // App&Town: towards a sustainable and accessible mobility

Daniele del Pesce // Integral services for sustainable mobility at Università Luiss Guido Carli di Roma