U-MoB LIFE Project

The European strategy on the urban environment poses to "change radically the balance among different transport systems, favouring public over private and reducing the impact of car traffic in our cities." This requires effective tools to encourage the use of sustainable transport modes as well as awareness and training of all the community to reduce the use of private vehicles in daily trips.


During 2 or 3 days, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona will become an international centre for knowledge transfer and networking among European universities on sustainable mobility practices, welcoming new and consolidated university mobility managers, academics, public urban mobility officers, entrepreneurs and businesses of the sector, NGO´s, civil society representatives and students.

Call for presentations until Dec. 31, 2016

U-MOB LIFE Project at COPERNICUS-Alliance conference
U-MOB LIFE Project at COPERNICUS-Alliance conference

U-MOB LIFE project partners are seeking for creating synergies with other key stakeholders for sustainability. This is why they have been collaborating with the Copernicus Alliance, which is the European Network for Higher Education for…