Are you a sustainable mobility related company willing to prospect new business opportunities with potential consumers at an international scale?

The Networking Street has a store window available for you.


The European Conference of Sustainable Mobility at University Campuses will tandem with the Networking Street. The Networking Street is an informal place beside the Conference room where the Conference audience will relax, have some food and beverages. The Networking Street will set the perfect scenario for exchanging interests, ideas, needs and solutions on a one to one basis.

Consolidated companies and new entrepreneurs offering solutions for sustainable mobility will find a privileged opportunity to better grasp the needs of potential customers, present them sustainable mobility solutions, prospect business opportunities with an international audience of universities’ and public authorities’ sustainable mobility managers, companies, entrepreneurs and students.


How can I reserve my store window at the Networking Street?

Reservations will be effective through an easy traditional sponsorship scheme.

You will only need to contact the U-MOB LIFE Project Organising Committee at: