State of the art

The European strategy on the urban environment poses to "change radically the balance among different transport systems, favouring public over private and reducing the impact of car traffic in our cities." This requires effective tools to encourage the use of sustainable transport modes as well as awareness and training of all the community to reduce the use of private vehicles in daily trips.

Universities are important poles of attraction for frequent travels; thousands of daily trips are made towards and from European universities. Therefore, the mobility generated by universities should be taken into account in the planning of transport system in cities.  Universities have their own management bodies that make decisions regarding the territorial management of campuses, the infrastructure and services within the campuses, the work/study schedules of university population, and other important issues that affect the mobility of thousands of people.

Moreover, universities have a key role in the education of the citizens and professionals of the future; they are a powerful engine of change. The integration of sustainable mobility in the education of students encourages the future change.

Therefore universities are a powerful instrument to implement EU policy now and in the future.

Our solution

U-MOB LIFE is the acronym for “European Network for Sustainable Mobility at University”, a European 5-year project co-financed by the European Commission under the LIFE Programme. The project is running since July 2016, and will extend until June 2021. It has a total budget of 1.329.427€.

U-MOB LIFE is led by the environmental consulting company Novotec Consultores, S.A., and participated by the human capital development foundation Fundación Equipo Humano, as well as 4 leading European universities in the application of sustainable mobility practices: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Università degli Studi di Bergamo and Politechnika Krakowska.

The main objective of U-MOB LIFE project is the creation of a university network to facilitate the exchange and transfer of knowledge about sustainable mobility best practices among European universities. This network will serve as a tool towards the reduction of CO2 emissions due to the university community mobility.

The specific objectives of U-MOB LIFE project are:

  1. Raise awareness about the need of reducing CO2 emissions from European universities and the important role of universities regarding education of present and future generations.
  2. Create and consolidate a “European University Network for Sustainable Mobility” able of transferring best practices during the project and multiplying best practices in the long term after LIFE.
  3. Communicate attractively and disseminate the knowledge on best practices in university campuses among EU universities.
  4. Promote and build capacity for the professional figure of "Sustainable Mobility Manager" at European universities: define a qualification profile and develop a course to train Mobility Managers
  5. Define and implement best practises in European campuses in order to reduce CO2 emissions during the project and follow reducing CO2 emissions after LIFE.
  6. Foster the development of sustainable mobility policies among public authorities and transport companies.

The U-MOB Project will have three major milestones: European Conferences for Sustainable Mobility at University Campuses. These events will take place in:

Barcelona 2017

Krakow 2019

Bergamo 2021


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